Text Box: Mr Ibrahim Termos had always dreamt of having his own business. A first ADR loan of $1,500 helped him to buy a small machine to crush natural stone for cladding houses. He soon paid back his loan and applied for a second one of $2,000 to buy a van. He has now applied for a third loan of $2,500 for a small winch and a machine to clean natural stone cladding. His income has increased substantially, providing a better life for his family.
When Ms Margreet Boulos (34) lost her husband, her low income as a factory cleaner left her no choice but to take her only child to an orphanage. She heard about ADR and applied for a bakery toolkit. She was given and paid back two loans of $1,500 and $3,000 within two years and now has a small supermarket. Her daughter is back home and goes to the best school in the village.
Ms Farizah Serhan (41) worked as a dressmaker in a factory. She applied for a dressmaking toolkit to start a business from her home. She then requested a loan of $1,500 for a sewing machine to make school uniforms. Today Ms Serhan and a colleague have a shop selling clothes and shoes.
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